Car Stunt Mania, a physics based endless game where you manoeuvre your way through hazardous terrain, performing stunts along the way.


  • While in air hold left or right side of the screen to rotate your vehicle
  • Swipe up just before you jump to get an extra jump boost
  • While in air swipe down to slam your vehicle down
  • Get a perfect landing by landing both wheels at the same time
  • Running out of fuel? Perform stunts to get nitros


  • Navigate the terrain as far as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way
  • Get the best score by performing different variety of stunts in a single jump
  • Collect coins as you go
  • The further you travel the more bonus coins you get
  • The more tricks you do the more bonus coins you get
  • Upgrade your vehicle for best performance
  • Progress through the game and unlock faster cars
  • 24 epic cars to choose from
  • 5 colourful themes to choose from
  • 8 upgrades to progress for each vehicle
  • Endless fast paced gameplay




Car Stunt Mania

Platform iOS / Android
Release date July 2023
Players 1 player
Genre Endless runner
Input method Touch
Development tool MonoGame (C#, XNA)